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Semester Reflections from the EIC

As the school year comes to an end, I’ve been thinking a lot about my semester, especially as I’ve transitioned into the new editor-in-chief role. After coming back from an amazing semester studying abroad in Barcelona, adjusting to the full Wake work load was much more difficult than I anticipated. However, I was honored to receive the position as the new EIC, which introduced me to both new people and a new perspective about this campus. As my predecessor, Haleigh, had told me, you really get to know your staff in a unique way through their writing. Not only has editing articles every week kept me sharp on my AP Style knowledge, but I’ve also gotten to know some interesting and talented people on campus.

I would have been absolutely lost in this whole process of learning how to manage our growing HC staff without our president, Jackie, who helped me with every step along the way. So while this semester was full of many ups and downs, late nights in the business school building, and way too much money spent on Campus Grounds coffee, being the EIC for such a powerful organization has made my semester even more fulfilling. I am constantly amazed at the commitment and passion students have here towards their hobbies and clubs, outside of academics. Everyone on the HC team commits their time and energy on a volunteer basis because they love what they do and are excited to get involved on campus. So to my staff- thank you for all that you do! And to Jackie- thanks for being my rock and for always responding to my texts within two minutes, no matter what time in the day it is. Can’t wait to see what next semester brings and senior year brings!

Haley Callicott

Wake Forest '19

Haley is a current senior at Wake Forest University majoring in business and minoring in writing. She is the Editor-in-Chief and Campus Correspondent for HC Wake Forest, a member of Kappa Beta Gamma and an undergraduate advisor for the Student Advisory Board. 
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