The Scoop on Student Advising with Lilly Gaeto ('18)

Lilly Gaeto (‘18) is an Economics major with minors in Political Science and Statistics. She is involved in Student Advising, RUF, the Fed Challenge and is an ambassador in the admissions office.

Lilly was a student advisor starting her sophomore year. She was in the leadership council at the end of sophomore year, into her junior year, and then applied to be a chair, and was chair this past year. She enjoyed meeting and helping first year students. She emphasized, “I am interested in helping the first year students discover what they are passionate about and finding their niche on campus.”

As a senior, Lilly suggested that the first year students should try a different variety of things. She said, “I would say to try a lot of different things during your first year, even things you think you are not good at. I think the first year is a good opportunity to try out a bunch of different things, and then explore those more sophomore, junior and senior year. Then, once you discover what you want to do on campus, try to take leadership positions instead of selling yourself short."

Lilly is currently applying to graduate school. She said, “Ideally, I will be in a Masters program or PhD program in Economics. Unfortunately, I won't hear back until February or March. My plans are a little bit up in the air, but hopefully I will still be in school by this time next year."

Recalling her favorite memory at Wake, she remembers a spontaneous decision to attend a football game with her friends. She said, “Because I had registration time at that time, I wasn’t planning to go to the game. On a whim, we decided to go because we were tied with Clemson (we ended up losing). After I registered for classes, we had to rush to the game. I remembered running with my backpack from the library to the shuttle with my friends. It was really spontaneous and funny!"

Photos courtesy of Lilly Gaeto