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Root for the Home Team!: Senior Night at the Ballpark

Root, root, root for the home team! No, I’m not talking about our Demon Deacons.  I’m talking about The Dash, Winston-Salem’s very own minor league baseball team.  Being in college, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the bubble of Wake Forest.  All too often we forget that we are located in a vibrant city with lots going on.  In an attempt to merge these two worlds of Wake Forest University and Winston-Salem, the BB&T Ballpark hosted “Senior Night at the Ballpark” this past Friday, September 3. 


Wake Forest seniors were treated to free food and beer, with many sporting their free Dash hats to show support for the team.  The reserved section of seats for seniors was packed full as Wake Forest students took over the back end of the brand new stadium.  Previous student body presidents Jermyn Davis and Meghan Haenn organized the event, providing familiar friendly faces.  Faculty and students alike enjoyed a thrilling game against Lynchburg Virginia’s Hillcats; The Dash took home another victory, scoring six runs to four. 

Several seniors took part in the 7th inning stretch field games, entertaining their classmates with water balloon tosses and other playful competitions.  The night concluded with a celebratory display of fireworks over the beautiful new stadium.  Fun was had by all, both students and Winston-Salem locals.  Keep your eyes peeled for more free events like this, and don’t forget to break out of the Wake Forest bubble every once in a while.  You might stumble upon a really great evening like this one.

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