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Rock Fall Rush Fashion, HC Style!

While other schools (i.e., big state schools) are already teeming with new sorority sisters, flaunting their letters and eagerly facebooking their friends from high school, writing “we are sistersssss!” on their walls, Wake is beginning a very different process.

Tuesday marks the first day of informal recruitment, oftentimes referred to as fall recruitment.

Recruitment is a stressful time for anyone. However, fall recruitment can be even more nerve-wracking because of its more open structure. Most stressful of all? The lack of concrete wardrobe rules, of course! But fear not, collegiettes, HC’s here to help. For our lovely readers that are headed down the Greek life path, here are HCWF’s tips for dressing smart and chic:

Day 1: Go Big or Go Home

This is your day to make a true first impression. Don’t be afraid to rock the bright-colored (or floral print!) jeans with a cute top and wedges. Today is all about being yourself and beginning your search for the perfect Greek match.

Day 2: Add Some Structure

You’ve been called back for a second round of parties, congratulations! Use day two as a casually professional day. Try a jersey dress and wedges paired with baubles of colorful jewelry, to show off both your classy and quirky sides.

Day 3 Serious, But Spunky

Today is the day things become serious. The attitude is more subdued because big decisions loom ahead. If there were ever time for an LBD, tonight is the night. Keep the jewelry simple, but maintain your individuality with funky heels.

Day 4 It’s Pref Night

Tears can be shed (buckets of them!) on this night because emotions run high. You must make a decision that could alter your life, okay part of your life, forever This is your last and final chance to make an impression with your (possible) future sisters. Choose an elegant, appropriate dress, your best pair of heels, and a big piece of statement jewelry for some added oomph.

While all of these outfits are sure to make a lasting impression, nothing is more timeless or fashionable than a confident collegiate. So, whatever you wear, be sure to keep poised, spirited and true to yourself throughout these next few weeks. Good luck, and HCXO!

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