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Refresh Your Playlist: Music for Every Taste

Collegiettes, I think we can all agree that music has an incredible effect on our day, whether it’s a mellow beat after a stressful exam, a powerful post-breakup ballad, or a happy-go-lucky party song. If your tunes are getting a bit overplayed, take a look at these suggested additions to your personal repertoire, each catered to a different music taste!



Artic Monkeys

This English alt-rock band features an array of musical style that matures with each album, starting with punk-revival and now sporting a hip-hop inspiration in the album AM. Lead singer Alex Turner’s fast-paced delivery of lyrics and up-tempo, rocky songs typify Artic Monkey’s unique sound. Check out “Fluorescent Adolescent” for a taste.

The Killers

This Las Vegas band has made its appearance on the radio with its famous tunes “Human” and “Mr. Brightside”, having a very eclectic sound that appeals to a broad audience, synthetizing aspects of indie rock, post-punk revival, and new wave. Take a look at “When You Were Young” and “All These Things That I’ve Done”.

Cage the Elephant

Cage burst into the music scene in 2008 with their first self-titled album that got them a fan base in the US and UK as well as a series of successful radio singles like “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”. Compared to the other bands listed, Cage has the most rock-inspired sound. Check out “In One Ear” and “Cigarette Daydreams”.



Ariana Grande: Focus, Reggae song

Ariana Grande’s musical style is an eclectic mix of sound, from hip-hop and pop to funk and dance. She has been compared to Mariah Carey for her wide vocal range and has collaborated on several songs with other known artists. Her most recent hit is “Focus”, but also take a look at her collaboration with Big Sean, “Best Mistake”.

Fifth Harmony

This American girl group is probably well known to most of you, but they are a great example of a pop/R&B group featuring powerful, catchy songs about female independence. The band has a variety of vocal sounds, from Lauren Jauregui’s smoky voice to Normani Hamilton’s bluesy influence. Check out their hits “BO$$” and “Miss Movin’ On”.


Daya is still pretty new to the pop music scene, but she made an amazing debut with her song “Hide Away”. She has an upbeat, sugary pop sound, but her songs have a strong female-power presence that makes her a definite artist to watch out for. Check out “Sit Still, Look Pretty” and “Thirsty”.



J. Cole

This German-born rap artist is based out of our own home-state of NC! He has cited his influences to be rappers like Tupac and Eminem and has frequently been compared to Nas. J. Cole strays away from traditional pop-commerciality and released a single discussing artist corruption titled “Miss America”. Also check out his song “Apparently”.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa brought us to tears with his emotional rap tribute “See You Again” at the end of Furious 7 in contrast to his usual club and street vibe. He mixes rhymes with catchy hooks and gritty lyrics about his own lifestyle. Take a listen to “True Colors”.


The rap list wouldn’t be complete without Drake, known for his emotionally intense lyrics and softer sounds compared to other rap artists. He’s been influenced by rappers like Kanye, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne, but also has a soft spot for R&B inspiration. Besides his recent hit, “Hotline Bling”, check out his single “Big Rings”.




We first heard Jeremih with his song “Birthday Sex”. He claims to like a timeless sound, and his music usually contains catchy hooks and tunes. He has a sly sounding voice and cites R. Kelly and Stevie Wonder as inspiration. Listen to “Oui” to get a sense of his romantic style.

Trey Songz

Since 2004, Trey Songz has been hitting the radio with hits like “Say Aah”, “Bottoms Up”, and “Slow Motion”. While he doesn’t need much of an intro, as he has solidified his smooth combo of hip hop and R&B, take a listen to “Foreign”.

August Alsina

Still recent to the music scene and building a rep, August Alsina is associated with R&B and hip hop soul sound. He carved out songs about his own trouble-ridden life and is known for his candid lyrics. For a taste, take a look at “No Love” and “Song Cry”.

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