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Reflecting on Lovefeast

Sunday was the 50th anniversary of Lovefeast on Wake Forest University’s campus. This Moravian Christmas service is nothing short of magical, and the ambiance is stunning. The service began in our community when a Moravian student contacted the campus chaplain at the time, looking to share her traditions with everyone on campus.

*Photo from lovefeast.wfu.edu

Scripture was read and a number of Christmas carols were sung throughout the service, from O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (one of my personal favorites) to Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. Everyone received a handmade beeswax candle that was lit at the end of the service, and the chapel was brought to a warm glow. The Wake Forest Concert Choir, in addition to a group of flutists, even played during the service.

Don’t forget that Lovefeast is, in fact, a feast! Dieners (German for “servers”) distributed the feast, which is partaken before the service ends with the lighting of candles. Men typically serve the creamed coffee, while women serve the sweet, citrusy buns – traditional treats in the Moravian community. Didn’t get enough of these sweet items? The recipes are online!

For Wake Forest alumni and loved ones who cannot attend, Lovefeast was streamed live online (previous years’ services are also uploaded to the event’s website). Alumni in Washington, D.C. and other cities across the United States even gather to watch Lovefeast live together! It doesn’t stop there – Lovefeast has traveled to other continents! Per their requests, the chaplain’s office has even mailed ‘at-home kits’ to families wanting to celebrate Lovefeast across the pond! If you didn’t get a chance to partake in the feast last night, watch the recap online and prep for next December, Deacons! http://lovefeast.wfu.edu/

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