Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season

With the start of October everyone knows what season it is...

Someone break out the Ugg boots and leggings! The time has come for the best time of year. Leaves are falling, and the temperature is dropping (not that I have experienced either over in L.A.). While my falls have usually consisted of continued use of my swimming pool and 80 degree Halloweens, it still remains to be an amazing season leading up to the best time of year...CHRISTMAS.

1. Sweater Weather

This week, my mom sent me my boots from home, and when I opened that box and saw them, I wanted to cry because they were so gorgeous. I could not wait to put them on my feet, it had been way too long.


If you know me at all, you know I have an extreme obsession with all things pumpkin. If it has pumpkin in it, I will 100 percent be more likely to purchase it or eat it or hold it and appreciate its pumpkin-ness.  The taste of pumpkin feels like fall is giving you a big hug, and if you don’t understand this feeling, please go eat something pumpkin flavored immediately.  

3.  Halloween

Also known as the holiday where it is acceptable to stuff your face with candy and scare people. But most importantly, it is time for Halloween movies! I’m not talking about scary movies… I’m talking about the classics: HalloweenTown.

Hocus Pocus is the greatest movie of all time (don’t even argue you know I’m right).  This movie has everything: negligent parents, a teenage virgin, an immortal cat, Halloween and some witches.  

4.  One step closer to Christmas


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