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Just think of all the things that your brain consumes.  Right now you’re reading this article, that’s one thing. But think of everything your brain did today, you probably read something for class, listened to a song maybe watched a youtube video or an episode on netflix.  You probably scrolled through twitter or instagram. You might have read about the news of the day.  

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It is incredible the amount of information that we are stuffing into our brains on a daily basis from TV shows to required reading it takes in so much everyday.  


Because information is so readily available, and there is just so much content, we strive to use all of it. 


Think about it, every time you click on youtube someone you subscribe to has posted something new, so you feel the need to watch that but then you get recommended 10 new videos and 10 more after that and it is literally impossible to run out of recommended videos because of the amount of content put on that website. 

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Right now in my life I’m binge watching a tv show, while sporadically watching episodes of other shows, watching youtube, listening to music, listening to a podcast, reading a book for fun, reading approximately five books for my classes, reading articles for classes, reading articles for fun, scrolling through instagram, scrolling through twitter, keeping updated on the news, and talking to humans.  That is a ton of information that I am casually hauling into my brain and we never slow down.  


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I was just thinking about all of the books at home I want to read but never have the time because I am drowning in all the required reading I have to do for my classes.  I have so many tv shows that I want to watch and never enough time to watch them all. I fall behind as weeks pass and my favorite youtubers keep posting and I keep being too busy to watch them.  New songs get released and I don’t find the time to listen to them or watch the music video. There is so much more content I want to see and appreciate but I can’t even get through what I need to get through.  

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What I’m saying is, while the world is full of wonderful technology that allows us access to the insanely huge world, we can’t do everything.  I wish I could watch every show on my list or read every book I want to read, but it is impossible. We live in a world where there is an infinite amount of content for our entertainment and knowledge and not enough time to enjoy it all.  So the next time you find yourself not liking something, stop watching it or reading it or doing it because life is short and there are approximately an infinite amount of other things that you could do that you would enjoy. But also give yourself a break sometimes, go outside and take a walk, sit in silence, make sure your brain takes a break from all of its hard work. 


The world is wide and full of possibility, make the most of it. 

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Jennifer Rokus

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