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Radio Shows to Tube Socks: Meet Uber-Cool Clare Stanton

Clare is a freshman from the scenic town of Beverly, MA, situated thirty minutes north of Boston. She ventured down South after graduating from a class of twenty-five and was definitely more than ready to meet new people. Clare began her collegiate career with an open mind and has thus far thoroughly enjoyed her Wake experience.

“Boys hold doors for me here. I got used to it and started cutting boys off while entering buildings in Massachusetts,” says Clare.

Clare is an individual who sets herself apart from the rest of the crowd – absolutely breaking away from the Wake Forest stereotype. She loves music and can’t live without her iPod cord for her car. This love for music caused her to fall in love with Wake Radio before even setting foot on campus.

“I visited the Wake Radio room on new students day and the station manager was yelling, ‘Who wants a radio show?!’ I was like ‘I want to be friends with that kid,’ so I told him I was interested,” says Clare.

Already a regular at Wake TV, Clare adores the unique individuals on the staff and shares a passion for music alongside them.

“I have a different ‘favorite music’ almost every month,” says Clare. “We get so much new music in the radio station that it sometimes overwhelms me. . . I’ve been a consistent fan of Iron & Wine for years though – also Hellogoodbye and the Smiths.”

She is currently on the general staff and has her own show, “Wednesday, 6 pm, y’all!” Clare plans to continue her work with Wake Radio as the staff manager next semester.

Clare’s flare for the artsy isn’t just present in her music taste. She also takes careful measures to perfect her unique fashion style. Clare combines bright colors and patterns (especially tights) into outfits I consider true works of art.

“I’ve been called a hipster here on the Wake Forest campus, but I think my style’s a lot more toned down than that. I wear a lot of dresses and bright tights and socks,” says Clare. The hipster comments never bother Clare as she continues to reveal her true style as she steals glances of admiration and compliments from everyone around her.

“People will on occasion revel in my beauty . . . but mostly they make fun of my weird socks,” Clare said. Her favorite stores include Forever 21, Gap and American Apparel, “when I can afford it, sigh.”
Clare’s artistic flare even influences her favorite areas of study. Clare plans to double major in art history and psychology.

“It’s a bit ambitious and still subject to change, but I’ve recently had my heart set on working in an art museum,” says Clare.

Appreciating art from a range of angles, she aspires to be the Curator at the Art Institute of Chicago. At the rate she’s going, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Perhaps her passion for the arts results from traveling Europe. Clare has spent a lot of time out of the country and loves traveling. Traveling internationally has been a huge part of her life since she was ten when her uncle lived in Germany and she received citizenship in Ireland.

“I have spoken French for eight years, and I have also picked up some phrases in German along the way – so I can ask to have my mustache trimmed in Germany. So useful.”

Beyond her artistic side, Clare also enjoys athletics on campus for a break from her rigorous academic load.

“I play club lacrosse and intramural basketball – ‘2011 champs, whadup!?,’” exclaims Clare.

So next time you see a humanities-loving, brightly dressed, redhead walking around campus, go out of your way to say hello. You certainly won’t be bored or disappointed.

*Photography credit to our wonderful photographer, freshman Karleigh Ash

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