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Q&A with the Owner of Wood & Thread: Theresa Burton

With the grand opening of the brand new and trendy boutique, Wood & Thread, which will officially open in downtown Winston-Salem this Saturday, April 14th, Her Campus sat down with the CEO and owner, Theresa Burton, to gain the inside scoop on the new store.

What made you start your own boutique? Have you always worked in fashion?

My husband started doing pop-up shows of his art and woodwork and asked me if I would want to participate and bring a fashion mix into it, being that I have worked in fashion retail for over 14 years for many brands. I thought to myself, why not just give it a shot? It immediately took off, I had ore repeat clients coming to the pop up shows that so many people began asking if I had my own store. We knew then that we were really onto something great.

So, tell me a little about your business. Is Wood & Thread what you originally envisioned?

I envisioned something similar to it, definitely. I always was attracted to certain stores that I worked for, and the competitors even, that would have a mix of home decor, giftables, along with their fashion. While fashion is the core, the home decor and trinkets allow it to be more of a lifestyle and brand. We want to be the store that can style your closet, home, and life.

What made you want to start your own business?

After being the manager and head of store for various boutiques, I felt as if the only way I could grow was to have my own store with my own vision and taste.

What’s the best part about owning this boutique?

Not only just having a say in what we carry, but also the location and the family we are surrounded by. This downtown community has been so supportive and I am able to reach a wide range of clients, from college girls to business women. While it is important to cater a certain style when it comes to your brand, I think that we can reach every time type of girl no matter her style.

What’s the hardest part?

To not remain so attached. When it’s your store and your brand, any criticism can feel personal, but it’s important to remind myself to take a step back and try to remain separate from the brand.

How did you decide what to carry? Do you have a certain style or collection you prefer to sell?

Our style is a range of classic chic to boho. We definitely carry items that are on trend that you see all the bloggers wearing for our younger girls, but we still like to keep stock of items that other women can wear that aren’t necessarily on trend. We have line of items that are perfect for business women to wear, but can also suit your young college professionals. We carry a line of active wear that’s ideal for a Monday morning women’s yoga class or a college girl’s lecture hall. So whether you’re wanting a new date outfit, a new blouse for the office, or just wanting to spruce up your daily attire, we have something for every girl in mind. We also carry hand-crafted wooden decor and furniture that your boyfriend will love too.

What is your advice to our HC followers thinking of starting their own small business?

Network! Network! Network! Support other women who are on the same path as you. Networking and connections are super important when you are starting out all on your own. You never know when you could meet someone that could be a best friend or a fantastic future work partner/collaborator. Definitely don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith. If you’re young and it’s your dream, start while you can afford to take the risks. It’s better to look back regret things you did when you had the chance than to look back and wonder what if. Also, I know going to fashion week and shopping at all the fashion markets for new brands sound like a blast to any shopaholic at heart, but bring back up. Having a partner, mine being my husband, to help out and assist me when I needed it really lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders and he never makes me feel like I’m on this journey alone.


Jacquelyn Hsiao

Wake Forest '20

Jacquelyn is a senior majoring in Economics with an Entrepreneurship minor. Jacquelyn is the President and Co-Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Wake Forest Chapter for two consecutive years. During her free time, she loves to design chic graphics, create trendy polyvore boards and work on other fashion projects. 
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