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Proud Brands Who Are Collaborating with Voting Organizations

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wake Forest chapter.

With the upcoming US election, many brands and designers are teaming up with organizations to promote the right to vote and facilitate registration. Here are some of the many proud companies that are promoting the right to vote this November.

Ahida Correale designed The VOTER Mask to emphasize how proud voters should be to exercise their 15th amendment right and voice in government. Correale teamed up with I Am a Voter, a public awareness campaign to encourage civic engagement with ten percent of proceeds from each mask being donated to the organization. Similarly, Levi’s teamed up with Rock the Vote, a non-profit whose stated mission is “to engage and build the political power of young people.”  The Vote Cropped Surf Tee Shirt aims to encourage registration for the upcoming 2020 election. Designer Clare V collaborated with When We All Vote to design a canvas tote, perfect to carry to the polls or even to class this fall. Ten percent of all proceeds from this tote will go to When We All Vote, an organization that ensures everyone is registered to vote. Similarly, Studs created the Vote Stud in collaboration with When We All Vote with 20% of the proceeds of these limited edition studs going to the organization. Madewell went above and beyond to design the Pintrill Enamel Vote Pin. One hundred percent of these proceeds will go to the American Civil Liberties Union and its mission to protect fundamental rights, including the right to vote for all.

Early voting in North Carolina has already started! Be sure to head to iamavoter.com or rockthevote.org to confirm your registration and voting location. See you at the polls!

Margaret Rand

Wake Forest '23

Currently a sophomore at Wake Forest. NYC born and raised. Contemporary art lover, art history and journalism student.
Taylor Knupp

Wake Forest '21

Taylor is a senior from Harrisburg, PA studying Business and Enterprise Management. She is the outgoing Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus at WFU. Taylor plans to move to New York City after graduation to work as a Business Analyst at Verizon.