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The Power of a Movie

It’s that time of the year again; the flu is running rampant across campus. Feeling under the weather is never fun, especially when you’re at school. All you want is chicken noodle soup and to curl up in bed. Nevertheless, the endless amount of school work awaits. But, this weekend my friends and I decided to take a step back from all the stress of work and decided to go see a movie. Initially, I was skeptical about seeing, The Greatest Showman. I really had no desire to go and see it, but was along for the ride. But, boy was the movie just what the doctor ordered. It was a feel-good, light hearted and engaging film that kept me transfixed.

While we have only been at school for three weeks, I can already feel the cadence of academic work increasing and the overwhelming stress that accompanies it. Making the choice to put aside my schoolwork for an hour or two and to go and do something for me was incredibly rewarding. Sometimes we can get too caught up in our classes and being able to relax and see a movie with friends rejuvenated me.




Lauren Freedman

Wake Forest '19

Lauren Freedman is a senior at Wake Forest University double majoring in English and Communication. She is a Features Editor for Her Campus Wake Forest and covers fashion, beauty, and wellness as a writer.
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