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Poem: Happy Black History Month

Happy Black History Month


My father is a tall black man, 6’2”, strong build

A white cop’s dream dinner

And my little brother is getting so tall

Almost six feet now and I’m afraid

That every time he leaves the weight room,

he’ll have gotten stronger.

And now, when that badge sees him, he’ll see the skin

And the strength and the curly hair

and his hand will reach towards his belt.

And he won’t see the big brown eyes or hear him laugh

Or know that he loves to draw or that he turns 16 this summer.

And I’m angry because it’s cool to wear “Kardashian braids”

And say “nigga” but

I promise it is not cool to feel this uncontrollable fear

This loss of power

That in the face of, he can only put his hands up

And “Yes sir”  “No sir” until the hand is removed from the belt

Or until someone presses record and

my brother is another video saved on someone’s phone,

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Mckenzie Baker

Wake Forest '21

Mckenzie Baker is a 20 year old with roots in Memphis, TN and Atlanta, Ga. She enjoys writing about identity and time. She is currently a third year at Wake Forest University and her favorite smell is freshly cut grass.
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