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A Podcast For Fashion Fanatics

During the early months of quarantine, one way I kept myself entertained was searching for fashion podcasts that would motivate me to change out of my pajamas. My favorite podcast by far has to be Fashion No Filter, the brilliant creation of two French It-girls. Monica de La Villardière, a contributor for British Vogue, and Camille Charriere, a fashion contributor for My Canal, share their views on the fashion industry with an innovative perspective. Here are my recommendations for which episodes to listen to first:

1. “An honest conversation about race and fashion: Pass the Mic to Henrietta Gallina & Jordan Mitchel”

Discrimination often goes unnoticed avoided in the fashion industry, but this three-part series sheds light on the importance of engaging in the conversation about racial discrimination and microaggressions within the fashion industry.

2. “A Back-To-School Special”

Charriere and de La Villardière discuss the issue of accessibility and pricing in fashion. 

3. “Overheard at Haute Couture”

An exclusive look at what really happens backstage at haute couture shows. The hosts explain the idea of haute couture and how it has been perpetuated. 

4. “The New York Times’ Elizabeth Paton tells us what the heck is going on”

An interesting look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world of fashion and how brands are finding different avenues to present their collections.

Kelsey Flores

Wake Forest '21

My name is Kelsey, and I am a senior at WFU. I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm majoring in Biology with minors in Writing and Bioethics, Humanities and Medicine. I love fashion, travel, and searching for the best coffee shops. My insta is @kelseysaraflores.
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