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Pledge Night or High School Dance?

In recent years, Wake’s “Pledge Night” has gotten more than a little out of hand, and in response, the school tried to implicate a different way for all of the new members of Greek organizations to celebrate.  Friday night there was a semi-formal event hosted in the Reynolda covering several rooms, offering dance floors on multiple levels, an outside tent area, as well as two bars for those of age.  The chandeliers in the Mag Room were swaying as a huge showing of Greek and independent students came out to dance the night away.  Although many younger students were upset that they were losing the tradition of “Kiss Night,” I felt the event was a welcomed change.  It transformed what has in past years been a sloppy, out of control event into a classy night that was still an absolute blast.  Boys looked classy in blazers while girls rocked their chucks with dresses.  As a sort of “Greek Prom,” students enjoyed mixing organizations and spending time with the community as a whole.  I look forward to see if the administration will attempt to hold more events of this style.  I know I’d attend.

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