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Parasite made history last Sunday as the first non-English film to win best picture at the Academy Awards (in addition to winning three other accolades). The Korean film originally released in May in South Korea but later had a theatrical release in the US in October. The film has gained international recognition as one of the best movies of this decade and, I would say, it deserves that kind of praise.

Parasite is one of those movies that encompasses so many different genres, it’s almost impossible to categorize. It’s mix of dark humor and thriller elements makes it a film that is likable by any type of movie goer. More importantly, the film is an eye-opening visual of social inequality and class stratification in South Korea. Director Bong Joon-Ho does a fantastic job at expressing social commentary without having it be too blatant or “in your face.” He combines an imaginative plot with satire, horror, and drama to create a visual masterpiece that sticks in your mind for weeks, even months after watching. The moment you realize why this movie was given the title “Parasite”, you’ll realize the sheer brilliance of this movie’s storyline. Parasite transcends language and is gripping to an audience of any nationality. 

If you haven’t gotten to watch Parasite yet, don’t worry! Many theaters across the United States are re-screening Parasite following its big win on Sunday. In Winston-Salem, Aperture will be having several screenings of Parasite throughout February.

Layla Ghiai

Wake Forest '20

Layla is a senior at Wake Forest University majoring in biology and minoring in writing. She is originally from Tampa, Florida but is glad she's now in North Carolina so she can fully enjoy four seasons. When she's not studying cell cycles and chemical reactions, Layla is most likely sketching cartoons, playing video games, taking photos of flowers, and/or drinking a very large cup of iced coffee. After graduation, Layla hopes to attend dental school.
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