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Packing Tips for Weekend Travel

Do you ever feel like every time you go on a trip, you end up packing the wrong things and wishing you had the right ones? As you’re sitting there staring at the jumble of clothes in your suitcase, scratching your head at what to wear. Here are some helpful tips to make sure all your favorite outfits somehow find their way on your next adventure.

Starting with a list: Always start my making a list before anything else. Making a list will help you double check that everything you wanted to bring makes its way on the trip with you.

Try on outfits: Trying on your outfits before packing them is key to making sure if (a) you have a top and a bottom that go together and (b) if it’s cute.  Checking the weather: Checking the weather before leaving for a trip is crucial. Is it going to be cold, hot or rainy? This is such a simple and timeless effort to ensure you have all the necessities for your upcoming trip. That way you’re never away and all of a sudden find yourself in the pouring rain wearing a suede coat, like I did last weekend.

Use packing cubes: Packing cubes are new to me but let me tell you how much easier they have made my weekend travels. When you use packing cubes everything has a place. You can even label your cubes for ultimate organization. I always used to find packing so difficult and cumbersome when all of my clothes would just end up in one big heap in my suitcase making it impossible to find the things I need, but not every item has a separate cube for easy access.

Rolling clothes: If you are tight for space and need to fit in that extra pair of jeans because your outfit just would not be the same without them, try rolling your clothes to condense space and maximize organization.

Madeline Kenney

Wake Forest '20

I am currently a Junior at Wake Forest University majoring in Business and Enterprise Management, with a minor in Psychology. I have a love for traveling, which I why I chose to spend my semester abroad in Vienna, Austria. My other hobbies include Hot Yoga and Pure Barre, and you can always catch me keeping myself up to date with all things skin care at Sephora.
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