Nightly Skin Routine for the Lazy College Student

It’s 2am and I’ve finally finished my essay that’s due first thing in the morning. I’m exhausted, moody, and ready to pass out under my sheets. However, I know if I jump right into bed, I’ll feel a little unkempt. I should probably treat myself with a little bit of self-care before I sleep but not the whole face-mask, spa day ordeal that would keep me up another hour. I’ve created a short night routine that makes me feel fresh in the morning without wasting too much of my time the night before!

1. Simple and cheap cleanser

I like to use a small amount of Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser and apply it all over my face. I’ll rinse off the product with cold water. This light cleanser is tough on dirt and makeup but is also 50% moisturizer, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. My skin is pretty sensitive to certain cleansers but I’ve had great success with this cleanser’s simple formula. 

2. Brightening facial serum

After the cleansing step, I’ll take a few drops of Valjean Lab’s Glow facial serum and rub it between my palms. I’ll then smooth the product onto my face. The application for this serum is quick and easy and doesn’t leave any heavy residues on my face. The vitamin C and magnesium infused serum helps prevent breakouts while also brightening the face, leaving me glowing the next day.

3. A final spray of hydration

My last step to my routine is a spritz or two of Mario Badescu Facial Spray. The type I use is the aloe, cucumber, and green tea spray but there are several options depending on your skin type and scent preferences. The spray both hydrates and tones my face. It’s a great last step since your skin will feel nice and moisturized before you snooze.