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Netflix Recommendations (But it’s Not New Girl)

I am going to admit something, I’m back in quarantine. Yes, it is true. I somehow came into close contact with one of the six (6!) people who tested positive on campus in the last two weeks. I thought the chances were slim, but they were clearly not zero. While it is unfortunate that I am here during the first weeks of the beautiful spring weather, it has given me some time to explore some new content on Netflix. Usually, whenever I ask for some new Netflix recommendations, I always get the same one. New Girl, Friends, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, etc. I have seen some of them before, others I have no desire to watch (there is no way I can make it through Friends). So, I thought I would make a list with none of those titles on it. Hopefully, some will pique your interests. Enjoy, or not, it is up to you. 

The Trial of the Chicago Seven

This documentary follows the 1969 trial of seven defendants charged with conspiracy (among other charges) by the US government. The defendants were accused of starting a violent riot and counterculture protest in Chicago outside of the 1968 Democratic National Convention. This movie brings up many difficult and still relevant conversations about politics, race, policing, and more. 

Madam Secretary 

I am not going to lie, I think I have rewatched this show about three times. This show follows Elizabeth McCord, a CIA operative turned UVA professor turned Secretary of State. It portrays the complexity of political relations within the US while also spotlighting the life and relationships of the Secretary of State. As a strong female lead, Téa Leoni portrays the character in an empowering and inspirational way. This show mixes in political drama, thrillers, and a lot of humor. 


Now, this is a great series. Manhunt follows the attacks of the Unabomber and the measures taken to capture him. The case was one of the most unique in US history, as it was solved using a novel investigation technique that had been previously unprecedented. Additionally, it portrays the life of the Unabomber (played by Paul Bettany), Ted Kaczynski, who lived a crazy life full of unexpected events that lead to his actions as an adult. 


This recommendation might be more mainstream now, but I am still going to suggest it. Survivor is, in my humble opinion, one of the best TV shows to ever air. This reality show follows contestants in remote locations trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other. With physical, psychological, and mental challenges, these players fight for 40 days out in the wild to be the lone survivor and win a cash prize. 

My name is Madeline Tallarico and I am Editor-in-Chief of the Wake Forest University Chapter. I am from Boston, MA and studying Psychology, Neuroscience, and Writing.
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