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Natalia Martinez

Natalia Martinez: Freshman Perspective on the Liberal Arts Experience

Natalia Martinez is a freshman from Miami, Florida interested in Entrepreneurship. Nati originally came to Wake Forest planning to follow her family’s footsteps by majoring in business. During just her first semester, Wake has opened her eyes to the incredible opportunities and different career paths she may take from a liberal arts education.

Her Campus: How did Wake Forest change your perspective on the liberal arts? 

Natalia Martinez: Going into college, I was always set on doing business. But coming to Wake, I realized there are so many more options in taking a wide variety of classes. While sometimes the divisional requirements can seem tedious and annoying, it has allowed me to try out so many new classes. For example, I took an archeology class last semester that was really interesting. I think that Wake students are genuinely more well-rounded people by taking classes in so many different subjects and have the capability to have conversations with people with different interests. I grew up around very business oriented people and my dad has his own business, so I always felt like I had to do business because of the family that I’m from, but coming here and seeing so many people taking different tracks — between art, business, biology and even health — has opened my mind to trying new things.

HC: Why are you interested in Entrepreneurship?

NM: Growing up, I was always obsessed with starting my own projects and “businesses.” When I was little, I would run around my house giving my family massages and even bought hot rocks and would love getting involved in my own projects. Later in high school, I continued my leadership and determination in a club I started called Glory House. My club hosted events to raise money for women being trafficked and has inspired my interest in starting new projects and helping others.

HC: What other classes are you excited to take in future semesters?

NM: I look forward to taking more Communication courses. This subject is one that really excites me. I am currently in COM 117 which is focused on Relational Communication. This class is at 8am on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I think it’s the only class I’ve ever genuinely looked forward to attending despite the early morning wake up call. I have never really enjoyed or felt passionate about a certain class so this is something new to me and definitely something I can get used to.

HC: Where do you see yourself after Wake Forest?

NM: I see myself working closely with a nonprofit organization or starting my own entrepreneurial project or company. Growing up going to Catholic school, service was always a big part of my life. I always loved Service Day at junior high. We went to a nursing home a few times a year to volunteer, and I met this older woman who had severe dementia. It was really sad because she called me by her daughter’s name, and my teacher had told my class and I that for a lot of these people, this was the only time that they got visitors. It was a really impactful experience in my life and made me appreciate how I have the rest of my life in front of me to help others and carve my own path.

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