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As I am beginning my freshman year I have quickly realized that if I am not careful my 4 years here will fly by and I might not have done anything other than study and make good grades! Work Forest is REAL! So as a promise to myself and all you lovely people who are reading this I am making a bucket list of seven things that I want to do before I graduate in 2023.


  1. Study Abroad- I know that this still involves studying, working, and getting good grades, but doing these things while in somewhere like Spain would be totally different because, I mean, Spain?

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  1. Stay Up All Night- I get that pulling all nighters may sound normal for many college students, but I am the type of person that enjoys a good amount of sleep each night and I would definitely consider myself more a morning person than a night owl.  My typical bedtime is 10 pm and if I am awake past them I am probably stressed beyond belief.

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  1. Sleep Past Noon-  Again I understand that this is something that many people, especially college students, might normally do, but I hate the idea of being in bed past 9 o’clock in the morning because I feel like my entire day is gone. So this bucket list item might ruin a day for me, but I feel like its something I have to do in order to get the true college experience.

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  1. Run an Iron Man (or abbreviated version of it)- I like to believe that I am a fairly fit person and I would like to believe that I have the ability to complete at the very least a half iron man competition, which if your are unaware is basically just a triathlon. This bucket list item in particular would be the most fun being completed with a group of friends although, all would be more fun with the addition of friends.

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  1. Make Friends with a Stranger- While on the topic of friends… Okay so I obviously don’t mean walking up to a sketchy looking person in a scary part of the town, but on campus with someone that looks friendly. Just walk up and start a conversation with someone that I don’t know from atom, who knows, maybe they would become a lifelong friend!

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  1. Cook a Meal- Getting together with a close group of girls and all cooking together… sounds like a blast to me! Food and bonding how could it get any better?

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  1. Get a Summer Internship- Rounding off the list with something a bit more educational and career oriented. But if you are being totally honest with yourself doesn’t the idea of being able to walk around in a professional building where you “work” sound totally cool?

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This is how I plan on enjoying my four years of undergrad, I hope that it inspires you to come up with your own college bucket lists!


Kylee Rappaport

Wake Forest '23

Current sophomore at Wake Forest. Coming from Morehead City, NC. Lover of dogs, running, baking, and reading.
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