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Mid-Season Check-In with John Wolford

Fall semester equals football (and tailgate) season. Since we are seven games into the season already, it’s definitely time for a mid – season update. John Wolford, Wake’s starting quarterback gave us insight to the remaining games, the goal of the season and his favorite moments.

How do you feel about the season so far?

“This is probably the most talented team we’ve had. Obviously the last three games have been tough but we have made a lot of progress, and we still have five games left in which we want to prove ourselves.”

Tell me more about the Georgia Tech game:

“We started fast, and we were playing well. The good part is that we can play against anyone in the country but we need to improve finishing these games in the second half. When we have a lead against those good teams, we need to close strong because that’s what they do. This is one area we have struggled in so far this year.”

Looking back, what was your favorite moment?

“Any of the wins were great. But I’d probably say the block kick [at the end of the App State game] when Scotty blocked the kicker. That was awesome. The game was so close and that meant the win.”

Your least favorite moment?

“The Florida State game. Seeing the touchdown in the end when they took the lead. That was probably the worst.”

Going into the game this weekend, what are your expectations?

“Louisville is a really good team. They have a great offense. So for our offense, we have to put up some points. It will be about playing well for all 60 minutes. Every play counts when you play those great teams.”

What’s your goal for the season?

“Being bowl eligible is an outside looking goal. That’s what some of the media thinks. For us, it is to win out. We want to win every game that’s on our schedule. And we think we can but it’s tough.”

You are the most experienced QB in school history. Does that create pressure? Or does it help?

“I don’t think there is too much pressure with it. Any time you are playing college football, there is pressure. I think the experience helps more than anything. I have been in a lot of different situations in my career and experienced tough games. So that helps more than it hurts.”

For the past 1 and a half years, there has been kind of a battle between you and Kendall Hinton for the starting QB position. Does that affect you or your play?

“It pushes me more than anything. He is great. We have a great relationship. He would probably say the same because we have a lot of respect for each other. He pushes me; I push him. And in the long run it will make both of us better players. It’s great that he is so talented because the moment I get hurt or don’t play well, we have another good QB.”

This is your last year in college. What are your plans for the future?

“There are two things. Depending on how the season ends, I’ll try Pro-Day and see how the NFL looks. I am also looking at investment banking. If the NFL doesn’t work out, that’s where I will be.”

Make sure to come out this Saturday at 12:20 pm to cheer on your fellow Deacs when they play Louisville! Go Deacs!

Photos courtesy of: John Wolford

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