Mid-Autumn Festival at Wake

By Dandi Dong. 

Still another day of working. She woke up after her fifth alarm clock ended, packing all her staff with half-closed eyes, and went to her classroom. On her way, she received a message. It was her mom. She opened the message and a big rabbit standing on a full moon jumped out. “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Sweet Heart!” her mom said.

Oh yes, today is mid-autumn festival in China, a festival to get together with family, enjoying the full moon and eating moon cake around the table. Her mother’s message made her eyes wet; homesickness suddenly crowed in her heart. But she has no time for sentimentality, there is still a test waiting for her.

After another day with lectures and works, she walked back to her dorm thinking about the moon back in China. Suddenly, she was distracted by noise from the Pit. As she walked to Reynolda patio, she was shocked by the scene. Almost all the Chinese students as well as some US students were on the patio, chatting and sharing the moon cakes.

“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!” Some students came and gave her a piece of moon cake. “Come, let’s have party here, we are family at wake!” They grabbed her hands and guided her to the crowd where the balloons were waving with the wind and a big drawing with a bright full moon standing in the curtain of night.

The party ended late, and it was late night when they finally dismissed. She went back to her dorm holding four moon cakes her “family” gave to her with a smile on her face.

Mid-Autumn festival is a time for family to get together. With family at Wake, there is no nostalgia and there is no tear for yearning.

Source: http://earthsky.org/human-world/asia-china-mid-autumn-festival-mooncake-sky-lantern