Meet Rosalyn, Your Local Starbucks Barista

By: Rhythm Badal

There is not much introduction needed as anyone who has ordered a coffee from the Starbucks ZSR could not forget their interaction with the personable cashier. It is no secret that Rosalyn has her own fan club here at Wake Forest, but there is much more to her than many of us might know.

Born and raised in Winston-Salem Rosalyn can give you recommendations for the best local events and restaurants. A mother of two, and a “glam grandma,” she is currently engaged to her boyfriend of 20 years.

When she is not working at the Starbucks in ZSR, Rosalyn enjoys watching the Comic Channel. She is enthralled by science fiction; her favorite films consist of the classic Godzilla franchise. On occasion, Rosalyn has been known to visit her favorite restaurant in Waco Town, Seafood Shack.

Rosalyn loves the community here at Wake Forest, and it brings her joy to be a support for the students.  After working at Wake for ten years, she has made connections with many of the students and faculty. She is frequently visited by alum, whom could never forget her kind nature. It is Rosalyn’s eagerness to help others and the positivity she emits that attracts so many people. Nonetheless, her presence on campus makes Wake a brighter and richer place.

Wake Forest’s community stretches further than student life. I would recommend getting to know Rosalyn and other Pit, Benson, and Starbucks workers. You can catch Rosalyn working Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. I would like to stress that even if you decide to skip the line and order a Tapingo, make sure to say either “hi” or “thank you” to those working behind the scenes. These small words- as Rosalyn puts it- “can go a long way.”