Meet the President of Her Campus: Jacquelyn Hsiao

Name: Jacquelyn Hsiao

Hometown: Miami, FL

Academic Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship  

How would most of your friends describe you?

Loud, organized and funny.

How did you get involved with Her Campus and what are your typical duties as president of the club?

I started out working as the treasurer then I slowly transitioned into events directing. It worked out because the events director and treasure work hand-in-hand, so it helped me to budget for events, but also made me aware of how to organize everything in preparation for the event.

This semester, I transitioned into the president’s position, which kind of encompasses everything that I’ve already been doing for the club, but now with a more official title. I oversee everything and as president, I really hope that we can branch out into different departments… like co-sponsoring with other clubs or events. Overall, my goal is to get the [Her Campus] name out there more. I would like to see more people attend our events and participate in the club.

What do you believe is the goal of Her Campus both as a publication and club for students?

Making sure girls have an easy college life. This is why we have all of these life tips and guides. We have so many different sections to update readers on the college scene, fashion trends, and local events.

All photos courtesy of Jacquelyn Hsiao.