Match, Chat, and Stay Home: Tinder During COVID-19

Although I am a stranger to Tinder, I know one thing for certain: there has been a huge increase in people using it over the past few weeks. Let’s admit it, it’s been a pretty boring time in quarantine. And understandably, with so many of us staying home, people are using Tinder to meet and interact with new faces. Without the possibility of seeing people in-person, the Internet becomes the next best option. 

This has led Tinder and other dating apps to release an interesting new message. Meeting up with people isn’t a possibility right now with social distancing, so the main purpose of the app has changed. Instead of encouraging people to meet up and hang out or date, they are encouraging people to stay home. 

The Tinder app shares that...

“Social distancing doesn’t have to mean disconnecting. We hope to be a place for connection during this challenging time, but it’s important to stress that now is not the time to meet in real life with your match. Please keep things here for now.”

This new approach has definitely brought up some questions as to what’s going to happen after quarantine ends. A lot of people are connecting on dating apps because they are bored, but will dating change at all after quarantine? Who knows. The important thing to remember is that it’s imperative to maintain social distancing orders for the safety of yourself and others. Feel free to match and chat on Tinder, just make sure to stay home until it’s safe.