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Little Ways I Treat Myself – And Why You Should, Too

If you find yourself using Starbucks as a reward for attending a 50-minute class, first of all, you’re not alone. If you’re like me, you think of this as one of your “bad habits” and – maybe unsuccessfully – try to break the cycle. But whether or not this is what you want to hear, I’m here to tell you not to cut yourself off from your favorite treat just yet. 

When I first started college, I became more aware of my “bad habits”: watching my favorite TV show over and over again instead of trying something new, sleeping in when I had a later first class,  and of course, bribing myself with Starbucks. It was frustrating to feel myself rely on these things so heavily, especially when I had never needed to before. So I forced myself to sit through a new TV show and to wake up early, even when I had no plans. 

Not surprisingly, life felt a little less exciting when I did. College classes and adjusting to life away from home for the first time were difficult and took more energy out of me than I was used to. But when I was feeling drained at the end of a long day, I didn’t have my usual comforts – my “bad habits” – to turn to. 

In the grand scheme of things, the incentive to go to class on a day you’re feeling particularly unmotivated can do so much more good than an extra iced coffee can do bad. Of course, your health and your bank account are important considerations, too, but don’t be so quick to shame yourself for needing a little extra motivation to power through your day. College is not easy, and it’s OK to need another push sometimes. Whether you know it or not, you are accomplishing great things every day, but these great things aren’t easy.  So treat yourself to Starbucks after class and take advantage of a little extra sleep when you can. I feel confident in saying that if my worst habit is watching Gilmore Girls on repeat, I am doing just fine. 

Judianne Meredith

Wake Forest '25

My name is Judianne Meredith and I'm a sophomore at Wake Forest from River Vale, New Jersey. I am majoring in Politics and International Affairs with minors in Journalism and Anthropology. I love to write and am excited to be part of HerCampus to connect with college girls like me!