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Kylie Cosmetics: Following the Leader or…?

Hey ladies! So… I don’t know if you’ve been up to date on the make-up industry buuutttt…. Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics line just dropped a new concealer line for her December release and a lot of people are upset – why? Their main reason for the argument against buying or supporting the release, is that she copied Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty line.

If you don’t know what her concealer looks like, here’s a picture:


It’s supposed be inclusive of all skin tones by having a range of 30 shades from “light” (pearl) to “deep dark” (cocoa) that was released December 13th along with a new lipstick line and a set of brushes.


Now, I don’t know if you remember, BUT back in September, Rihanna dropped her entire beauty line, Fenty Beauty (you can find my article on it here. Fenty Beauty had a very inclusive foundation line of 34 shades and concealer/contour line of 20 shades, all which sold out in a week. As a reminder:




From the positive and raving reviews about it, many make up brands and their CEOs saw this as an opportunity to expand, make profit, and be inclusive all at the same time (for example, Huda beauty released a line a week later). Some beauty brands have had a wide range of multiple shades, but none had shades that fit the lightest woman in the world nor the darkest – and Rihanna did that.

So… should we in fact be mad? For several days I contemplated my stance on this argument taking in all sides of the debate, and came to the conclusion – no, we shouldn’t. Yes, it does appear Kylie took some help in creating a line that for once, fits many of the women that loves her make-up; however, there are many moguls in the industry beauty that have set the trend for others and had no problem with it. For me and I’m sure many Rihanna fans (possibly Rihanna too) this just confirms how great and inspirational she is. There are many aspects of her make-up line that will most likely set the standard for other make-up brands – some which they won’t be able to meet. BUT leave it to Rihanna to stay unphased and unbothered by others copying her style.


Keep Queenin’ RiRi.



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