Kerry Cameron: The College Football Experience During a Pandemic

Kerry Cameron is a freshman at Wake Forest from Baltimore, Maryland, planning to major in finance. She is a football expert and her favorite NFL team is the Baltimore Ravens. She is a huge fan of Wake Forest Football and described what the first football game experience was like during this pandemic.

Her Campus: Kerry, when did you know you were first interested in football as a whole?

Kerry Cameron: It would have to have been the Broncos-Panthers Superbowl. Since my dad is from North Carolina, my entire family was rooting for the Panthers, but I decided to take up the challenge and root for the Broncos. When they won, I decided it was time for me to learn more about football because I loved the rush of them winning.

HC: Was Wake’s football team a deciding factor in you choosing to come to this school?

Kerry: Yes, definitely. When I was watching the Carolina vs. Wake game last season the day after I toured, I felt some sort of connection with the team. Every time they scored, I got more and more excited and felt a part of something bigger than myself. 

HC: How was the process of entering and winning the lottery on the Screamin’ Deacons App?

Kerry: My roommate entered the lottery and requested me so that we could attend as a pair. It was so easy! All I had to do was check my email and accept the invitation. We then got the notification on Wednesday that we had won the lottery. The tickets went straight to our phones, it was so simple.

HC: How was the experience of showing up and attending your first Wake Forest Football game, and was it what you expected?

Kerry: It was definitely not what I would normally have expected, but given Covid-19 and everything, it was a great experience. The excitement of seeing the Demon Deacon riding in on his motorcycle followed by the players was the defining moment of the night for me. I love how it shows Wake’s school spirit. Everyone was so excited, and it was great to celebrate each touchdown we earned.

HC: What were the precautions for Covid-19 in the stadium, and did you feel safe during the game?

Kerry: Yes, I definitely felt safe during the entire game. The precautions that they took seemed to work very well, while still keeping the game fun and entertaining. Each pair had to sit in their assigned seats being 6 feet apart from all other pairs in every direction. Security guards were present to make sure everyone abided by the same precautions and kept their masks on at all times, except when eating or drinking. Overall, it was a great experience and I hope I get the opportunity to go again!