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Juan-uary is over, but let’s talk predictions!

Juan-uary may be over, but The Bachelor is far from it!  That said, Juan Pablo has whittled the ladies down pretty quickly in the last 5 weeks, meaning it is time to speculate on who will make it to the final three and, ultimately, receive a proposal!

The season kicked off with the usual uncomfortable and awkward limo greetings.  As a highly invested viewer (not saying I should have been selected for this season, buttttt…), I cringed as J.P. held face when Clare stepped out with a “baby bump,” when “dog lover” Kelly thought it would be a good idea to bring her pup along, and (just when we thought dog lover would be the funniest so-called profession) when Lucy, the “free-spirit,” stepped out of the limo, shoeless.

That was only the beginning of some awkward times. Since then, J.P.’s attractive body, thick accent, and lack of comprehension of any idioms or slang have caused some of the ladies to lose their minds.  However, with the aid of alcohol, or the lack of sleep (…Clare…seriously, there is no covering up what happened in the ocean), this season is, somehow, down to four women.

And who are they, you ask? Renee, Clare, Nikki and Andi. 

Renee, 32

Renee is the one with the 8-year-old son. She’s the mom on the show, literally and figuratively.  She gets the whole parent thing.  She appreciates that J.P. is a single father and she hasn’t done anything besides be a mother to some of the 21-year-olds.  It’s safe to say she will make it to the top, but only because she’s a mom and J.P. can see her being a good role model for his daughter.  Unfortunately, aside from this, there is no connection between them.  Sorry, but that whole I-don’t-want-my-son-to-see-his-mom-kissing-some-guy-on-tv bit didn’t really help your game, sweetheart, because J.P. was getting kisses (and more) elsewhere.


Clare, 32


Oh, speaking of “elsewhere,” Clare has distinguished herself through some very questionable late-night behavior.  Clare has been in it for the prize since the beginning; however, whether that prize is J.P. or just being immortalized on television forever… to be determined.  However, all in all her heart is in the right place.  And, hey, even if J.P.’s little girl watches the season, at least she will learn to go after what she wants when she wants it.


Nikki, 26

I’ve been rooting for pediatric nurse Nikki since the beginning, but the little drama she stirred up during the last few weeks of the season has left me questioning how ready she is for marriage and parenthood.  She seems genuine and caring, which is quite a catch on this show, and I can see her getting to the final dates. However, her tendency towards drama with the other girls makes me wonder. Right now, she’s still a question mark for me.


Andi, 26

Andi is “wow,” according to J.P. upon first seeing her.  She’s romantic, smart and beautiful.  She can hold a conversation and can even rock a one piece bathing suit.  She hasn’t been a source of drama on the show during this season and that is exactly why I think she will force J.P. to his knees, ring in hand, on the final show.  What I’ve gathered after watching many seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is that it is always the one you least expect, the one who doesn’t distinguish her or himself through catfights or all-out brawls.  It’s the one who has always attracted your eye the entire season, but you can’t figure out why.  This would be Andi for J.P.’s season on The Bachelor. PLUS, she’s a Wake Forest Law School graduate! Smart, pretty, and a Demon Deacon!

There are only a few weeks left of the season and plenty of speculation, but take it from a crazy Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, you read it here first (though it’s only a prediction), Juan Pablo will be getting down on one knee to propose to prosecutor Andi…or Nikki…or Clare…or Renee. UGH, who knows!

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