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Jarrett Horne (‘15) and Justin Blaze (‘15)

Name: Jarrett Horne

Year: Senior

Major: Economics

Hometown: Deep Run, N.C.

Name: Justin Blaze

Year: Senior

Major: Economics

Hometown: Osterville, Mass.

Twice the Campus Cuties; twice the fun; twice the eye candy! So go ahead and flutter those eyelashes because these senior Pike brothers notice your eyes first when they check you out! Meet this week’s duo of Campus Cuties: Jarrett Horne and Justin Blaze!

HC (Her Campus): So you’re both second semester seniors!  If you could relive any moment from your past years at Wake, what would it be?

Justin: Senior Fifth!  It was my last tailgate, and I just wanted to take part in it.

Jarrett: The weekends in general.  It’s fun to go out, and I like the times I’m not doing schoolwork!

HC: What has it been like being a Pike brother?

Justin: It’s changed a lot in the past few years since we’ve pledged.  It’s changed a lot in terms of interests.  We are really diverse in terms of interests, and we are a place where everyone can feel that they are a part of it.  We don’t have one stereotype.

Jarrett: There’s a little something for everyone at Pike.

HC: What is the most exciting event you guys have thrown as a fraternity?

Justin: The North/South party – it’s where we divide up the fraternity into Northern and Southern kids.

Jarrett: Sophomore year Luau.  It must have been the biggest party we’ve ever had.  The pledges built this giant volcano that the punch flows from.  Every semester it gets destroyed at the end [of the party], so they have to remake it every year. It was outside and was pretty fun.

HC: What other organizations are you guys involved in?

Justin: I played club tennis.  I was also a part of the theater department for a while too.

Jarrett: I played Rugby on the club team for a year or two at Wake.  Pike takes up most of my free time.

HC: What legacy do you hope to leave here at Wake?

Justin: For me, it’s leaving the fraternity better than when we came in to it.

Jarrett: I’m most proud of the legacy I leave behind for my younger brothers and sisters.  I’ve got five younger brothers and sisters.  I was the first one to go to college, and I want to be a role model to them.

HC: How has Wake shaped you as a person?

Justin: The liberal arts education forced me to take classes I otherwise wouldn’t have taken.  One of my favorite classes I’ve taken here was Greek Mythology, which incorporated stories and plays, and went along with my theater classes.

Jarrett: Culturally, socially, and academically, I am a completely different person than I was freshman year.  I chose Wake because I come from a small town, and Wake is a small school. I’m definitely more outgoing now because of Wake.

HC: What’s the best pick up line you’ve ever used?

Justin: “Wanna dance?” Or [I] go swing dancing!

Jarrett: “Are you from Amsterdam? Because Amster-damnnn!”

HC: What is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

Justin: I’m from the beach, so long walks on the beach.

Jarrett: My first kiss was on Halloween night, under a tree, in the rain.

HC: What’s the first thing you notice about a girl?

Justin: Eyes.

Jarrett: Eyes definitely.  And glasses!  Glasses are awesome.

Justin: The laugh, too.

HC: What do you think girls look for in a guy?

Justin: [Someone who is] caring and understanding.

Jarrett: I don’t get girls – I just don’t understand them!  [Someone who is] good looking, [with] a little bit of stubble – [he’s] got to be attractive.

HC: What’s your opinion on girls making the first move?

Jarrett: I would rather them do that.

Justin: If a girl asks me to dance, I would always say yes.

Jarrett: I would never say no to a dance.

HC: And lastly, what motto do you live your life by?

Justin: “Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something.”  Will Smith said this, and he is one of my favorite actors of all time.

Jarrett: “Whatever makes you happy – do it.”  Everybody’s a little bit weird, so be weird in your own way.

Hailing from Chicago, this Midwesterner turned Southern Belle is the Editor-in-Chief of Wake Forest University's chapter. When she isn't journaling for fun in her free time, she is obsessed with running around campus in giant sunglasses, wearing gold glitter eyeliner, and munching on trail mix. She's still struggling on saying "y'all" and not "guys" and has yet to try Cookout's legendary milkshakes. Follow her on twitter @Hmonyek!
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