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If you’re sad about the state of our country, listen to this playlist

The year 2016 was definitely a challenging time for many people. The music industry took painful losses as some of the greats from the past passed away. These beloved individuals that helped to shape the world of music will certainly be missed. In honor of the change they presented to the world and the music gift that they presented to us all will be treasured forever by people all across the globe. Music is one of the greatest methods to convey the complexity of humanity and/or to lift the spirits of an audience. Those that passed away last year not only contributed their talents to the world but also added to the escape that music creates within an individual.


Here’s to some of the greats that will be forever loved and remembered –


Glenn Frey (1948-2016)


One of the founding members of the American rock band, The Eagles. Lead singer, front man, and song writer for this beloved group – Frey had a distinctive voice and will forever live on in some of the most well-known classic rock songs in the world.


George Martin (1926 – 2016)


Often referred to as the “Fifth Beatle,” Sir George Martin was extremely involved in the production of the Beatles music. A producer, composer, musician, etc., Martin was highly accomplished and contributed to the manufacturing of an abundance of distinguished music.


Prince (1958-2016)

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, and possessing an electric and captivating stage presence – Prince was a music icon.


Leonard Cohen (1934-2016)

Canadian singer and songwriter, Cohen’s music deals with personal and creative expansion and evaluation. His songs remain some of the most beloved by audiences around the world.


George Michael (1926-2016)

Member of the 80’s pop duo, Wham!, Michael will always be remembered – especially around the Christmas season.


David Bowie (1947-2016)


This was the hardest for me personally to come to terms with – David Bowie. His versatility in singing, genres, style, etc. was unparalleled. One of the most influential musicians in both talent and stage presence, the death of David Bowie to liver cancer was a tragedy. His legend, however, will continue to resonate through his iconic music, style, and self-expression.


R.I.P. to all these amazing individuals that helped to shape the music industry. Here is a playlist in their honor:


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