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I Applaud Lady Gaga and Her Political Halftime Performance

This year’s Super Bowl contained not only one of the biggest comebacks but also an astounding halftime performance by the entertainment goddess herself – Lady Gaga. Crazy outfits, drones, and flying off buildings, her performance was amazing. This halftime show and the release of her new album, Joanne, in October almost signaled as her reemergence back into the mainstream after her role on American Horror Story and her collaborative jazz album with Tony Bennett. Her dancing, her style, her vocals, everything was incredible.

What I found most intriguing, however, was her slight political assertion into the performance. Gaga is known for not exactly being shy when it comes to her political and social views, and this time was no different. Although she was not as blatant as one might expect, her inclusion of “Born This Way” was a beautiful and evident signal of support to the LGBTQ community. Likewise, her performance of “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land” was a clear allusion to the current immigration and travel restrictions within the States.

Although Gaga was not as overtly political as expected she provided a strong statement about inclusion. Gaga, it’s good to have you back!

Here is a playlist in dedication to this style and music icon!


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