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How to Host the Perfect Friendsgiving!

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to reunite with family and friends at home! And
what better way is there to celebrate a reunion with hometown friends than with a Friendsgiving
celebration? Here are some tips for hosting the perfect Friendsgiving!

  1. Invitations – Instead of sending out a group text, mail out invitations to your friends to
    make the event feel more formal and special! Use festive Thanksgiving-themed
    cardstock, and make sure to include the date, time, address, and attire for your
  2. Decor – Deck out your house with fall and Thanksgiving decorations like pumpkins,
    garlands, and leaves. Make sure to look on Pinterest for inspiration on table layouts and
    other party decor.
  3. Food – This one is pretty obvious, because what would a Friendsgiving celebration be
    without lots of food? Have your friends bring their favorite appetizer, entree, or dessert
    for a potluck-style feast. You can stick to traditional Thanksgiving food, or get creative
    with more unique and non-traditional dishes.
  4. Music – A good playlist is a must-have for any party! Make a shared Spotify playlist
    before your Friendsgiving, and have your friends add their favorite songs to it. Make sure
    to include some popular hits for karaoke and dancing!
  5. Games – Games are perfect for entertainment after dinner! Play a party game like For
    the Girls or What Do You Meme for a good laugh, or enjoy a classic board game like
    Monopoly or Clue.
  6. Photos – You’ll definitely want to take photos with your friends to remember your
    Friendsgiving celebration. Set up background decorations or photo booth props to make
    your pictures even more festive!
    By following these tips, you’ll be sure to host a fantastic Friendsgiving that your friends will
    never forget!
Clara O'Connor

Wake Forest '26

Hi! I'm Clara O'Connor, a sophomore at Wake Forest University! I am from Darien, CT, and plan on majoring in Elementary Education and English. I love singing, spending time outdoors, spin classes, iced coffee, and listening to Taylor Swift!