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How to Support Black-Owned Businesses in Winston-Salem,NC

If you are on your journey to becoming a more supportive ally and/or accomplice to the Black Lives Matter movement, it is a wise idea to support black-owned businesses in your area. Here, I have listed some of my personal favorite businesses in the Winston-Salem area and beyond— all blacked-owned businesses that you can support, too. Click the names for more information.

Some reasons why you should support black-owned businesses:

  1. Uplift communities and cultures to foster pride in their members.

  2. Create more opportunities to close the racial wealth gap by supporting small local businesses, which have served as wealth builders for society.

  3. Strengthen local communities by supporting their local economies.

  4. Representation and visibility for minorities in the green economy, who’s success depends on involvement from everyone; “a people’s movement.”

Mayberry Ice Cream: Serves banana splits, sundaes, milkshakes, sherberts, and over 30 ice cream flavors in addition to breakfast, chilies, and sandwiches. The pecan praline flavor is to die for, but any of them will do to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cam’s Coffee: Serves brewed coffee in addition to selling fresh coffee grounds, teas, body scrubs, and other skincare products in their online store. I recommend trying their lavender bath tea.

Sweet Potatoes: Southern soul food classics including fish fries, banana pudding, fried chicken, and the highly-recommended fried green okra.

Chef J’avia’s Scents and Crafts, LLC: Founded by kid entrepreneur and chef J’Avia, this company features over 70 scents of luxury candles and wax melts, in addition to essential oils, body butters, soaps, bath salts, and more.

Happie Food: Includes an online shop, recipe blog, and services including wellness consultations and food cleansing plans to help convert you to a plant-based diet. In founder Happie Ree’s words, by supporting Happie Food you are “eating better, cooking healthier, and feeling like a million bucks.” The recipes are college-living friendly, too! Try the creamy kale and chickpea pasta– you won’t regret it.

Post 21: Not in the Winston-Salem area, but it is an online marketplace from which you can order and have products delivered to your door. Products include luxury candles, children’s dolls, jewelry, rosé, and other feminine-focused products. Founded by a mother of two, along with her daughter and named after the events at Black Wall Street in 1921.

For black-owned businesses in Winston Salem that I have not tried, click here for a full list.


To search for black-owned businesses in your home area and other online marketplaces, you can use the following apps and websites. Click the names for more information.

Official Black Wall Street: Lists businesses from 10 different countries.

Support Black Owned: Allows search by state and category.

EatOkra: For local restaurants.

Where U Came From: To search businesses by category and view the highest-ranked places.


So, support the people’s movement. Support black-owned businesses.

Scotland Martin is a junior at Wake Forest University and is currently pursuing a major in Psychology with minors in Writing and Italian. In addition to Her Campus, Scotland is involved with Psychology Club, K-12 tutoring, research in social psychology, and the Delta Zeta Sorority. She concentrates her writing on the topics of ethical spending and psychology.
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