How to Spook-ify Your Dorm Room Before Halloween

String Lights

They’re a great way to give your room a spookier, orange glow—At night theyre a great alternative to that bright overhead!!

Invite your friends over for a Halloween movie night!

Netflix has an enormous amount of horror movies to choose from, but if you want something less all out scary and more just plain ~spooky~ I recommend the Halloweentown movies, Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, Ghostbusters, or the absolute classic: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


Door décor!!

Remind your dorm room guests that it’s #spookyseason as soon as they walk in the door! There are plenty of inexpensive garlands and stickers—OR if you or your roommate is more artistically inclined, you can make a funny, spooky drawing on your message board! 

Try baking some ~dorm friendly~ treats!

From Halloween candy bark to oreo eyeball bites, Tastemade has some great, 4 ingredient recipes ( . or you could always go for the classic refrigerated pumpkin sugar cookies—they’ll all make the room smell great, and they’ll taste good too:))) 

Use pumpkin or apple cider room spray!

These are great if you want to give the room #fallvibes without putting in the effort of actually making baked goods… we all feel that sometimes. 

Happy spooky season!!