How to Master Study Breaks

Study breaks are essential for maintaining your sanity when working long hours to prepare for exams. On average, it is recommended for students to take a 10-minute study break about every 90 minutes. However, everyone needs breaks at different times, so know yourself and the limits to your attention span. These five tips will help you clear your mind and be more productive when you return to your work. Happy studying!

1. Get up and move.

Studying for hours on end entails a lot of sitting at a desk, bent over. After a while, it’s likely you will become antsy to stand up and stretch your muscles and get your eyes off of a book or computer screen. Stretching, taking a walk, or even going to the gym will make you much more focused afterward. Getting the blood pumping helps wake up your mind and reset your attention span for the work to come.

2. Take a power nap.

As every college student knows, studying is exhausting. It is even more tiresome if you do not get enough proper sleep the night before. While caffeine is great for keeping you awake, you can only drink so many Starbucks lattes before your mind gives in. Taking a quick power nap can leave you feeling refreshed and motivated to continue your study session. It has been proven that a 20-30-minute nap is more rejuvenating than an hour long nap, so don’t be afraid of dozing off for a few minutes. If naps are not your thing, watching a quick episode of your favorite Netflix show is a great alternative.

3. Eat a healthy snack.

Your brain needs energy to work and studying for finals is nearly a marathon for your mind, so it’s vital to eat and drink. Staying hydrated and full is essential for your brain to retain information and remain sharp. Grab a healthy snack to rest from and recharge.

4. Socialize.

Sometimes studying can feel isolating and lonely. Studying with a friend or taking breaks to socialize is a great way to get your mind off schoolwork. The important part of a study break is to de-stress, so surround yourself in an environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

5. Listen to music or play a game.

Listening to music is a great way to escape the finals stress and lift your mood. Another option is to play a fun game on your phone to put your mind at ease. Anything that relieves stress and is something you find enjoyable can be a study break. Make sure to take short breaks frequently and not overwork yourself to stay productive.