How to get Through the Wake Forest Fall Grind

Congratulations we have survived this far in the semester and hopefully we aren’t dying of exhaustion too much yet.  

Luckily there are only 37 more days until Thanksgiving break!!! We can do it!! In the meantime here are some ways to get us through the next grind of Work Forest.  

  1. Halloween is just around the corner!

Watch "Hocus Pocus" for the millionth time, pick out a cute group costume for you and your friends and the best thing eat lots and lots of candy!


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2.  While Thanksgiving break is what I look forward to.... After Halloween, my mind goes automatically to Christmas season (I’m sorry but it does). So in my mind if you want to start listening to Christmas music, you go ahead and listen to it because the season is basically almost here.  


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3.  Let yourself relax.

Take a walk, watch a movie, make some tea.  Hey you have survived half of the semester and you can do this!  Try not to worry too much about your upcoming tests or things that you have to do.  


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4.  Embrace the cold.  

While it hasn’t really gotten chilly yet, WINTER IS COMING. I’m sure if we all embrace the fall season it will actually start happening.  


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5.  Start making all the plans that you are eventually going to cancel with friends from back home.  

This is the time to either avoid the “we need to hang out when you’re home for break” or commit to it.  Just remember the plans you make while caffeinated are very different than when the plans actually arrive and you are under a blanket watching Netflix never wanting to emerge. ‘

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