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How to Get Through the Last of Winter

Winter, especially the months of January and February, is probably my least favorite time of the year. Although Wake Forest is certainly not as cold as many places, I have needed to bundle up in a coat and rush from building to building for the past few months, dreaming of warmer and more fun times. Also, other than Valentines Day and Super Bowl Sunday (holidays that honestly aren’t too much fun for a lot of people), there really isn’t much going on at the beginning of the year. I have found myself feeling a little dreary and uninspired and ready for spring!

Luckily, spring is right around the corner. Although it it still pretty chilly outside, as a North Carolina native who knows the crazy and seemingly random weather patterns all too well, I know that soon enough spring will be here. If you are also feeling down because of the winter weather and midterms rapidly approaching, remember that these cold and somewhat boring months will be over shortly! Before we know it, we’ll be dressed in t-shirts and shorts again, able to do homework on the quad, and going on exciting spring break vacations (or like me, a relaxing week away from schoolwork at home).

In the meantime, I’m trying to embrace the winter by finding the best parts of it like drinking hot chocolate, wearing my favorite sweaters, and cuddling up in my room for naps when it’s raining and chilly outside. Although sometimes the time of the year can cause us to feel different ways, it’s important to remember the best parts of each time of the year and to not become too discouraged by a certain period of your life - nothing lasts forever. That being said - I will keep checking the weather for temperatures above 50, daydreaming about leisurely days of break, and getting excited for the beautiful flowers that will soon be blooming.


Sarah Malone

Wake Forest '22

My name is Sarah and I'm a freshman at Wake Forest University from Charlotte, NC. I love traveling, reading, and going for hikes. I hope you enjoy my articles!
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