How a California Girl Survived a Hurricane


When I first heard that a hurricane was heading in our direction my first thought was complete panic.  Living on the West Coast, hurricanes kind of seemed like a myth to me. Same with tornadoes; they just felt like something that I had heard of but never expected to ever actually deal with. Of course the first thing that happened was my mom calling me in a panic thinking I was going to die. Luckily I had some handy steps to enter survival mode to ride out the storm.

  1. I rewatched hurricane themed television.

I started with the Dawson’s Creek episode literally titled ‘Hurricane’ and then moved to ‘Two Gentlemen of Capeside’ which has the beloved Pacey trapped on a boat during a storm. My tactic with watching these episodes was that if these fictional characters could survive the fake hurricane then obviously I could survive a real one… my logic was totally on point.

Of course the episode was comforting because it involved Pacey and Joey aka the best couple of all time.

2.  I listened to “Hurricane” from the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat.  

I mean nothing is more inspiring then listening to how Hamilton wrote about a hurricane destroying his town and how he “wrote his way out.” This song is just underrated from the soundtrack in general so it felt fitting to sit and listen to it on repeat while watching it pour outside.  


3. I did lots of research on hurricanes.

Honestly, this one was not very smart and led me to start thinking I needed to write my will.

4. Called my mom a lot because of the above step.

5. Finally because why on earth would I have actually been productive and done homework I watched a lot of New Girl because I needed some humor in my life as my friends and I ordered food in so we literally did not have to leave our dorm all weekend.


Anyway I’m glad I can go back to the west coast and confirm that hurricanes do in fact exist and that I myself battled one and survived.