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How to Ace Your First College Exam


Hey collegiettes! It’s that time of year again. We’ve reunited with our friends, had our orientation week fun, and squeezed in a tailgate or two before it’s time for our first exams of the semester.

For freshmen, however, having your first EVER college exam quickly approaching may seem daunting. Programs such as AP or IB in high school may have better prepared you for these tests, yet you can’t help but feel intimidated. Take a deep breath. If the school boards on Pinterest aren’t enough, here are a few tips to help you power through the study blues!

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PowerPoint Slides Are Golden

Luckily, many of the professors here at Wake Forest post their PowerPoint slides or notes on Sakai before class. This is one of the best resources available to you! Print the notes out AHEAD of class time and read them through and through. This makes it easier for you to pay attention to your professor’s lecture in class, and you can add in your own notes without having to copy down every word on the slide before it changes.

Don’t Underestimate Notecards

Everyone has a unique method of studying, but many students find notecards rather helpful when studying for tests. Notecards can be especially useful when studying for language courses heavy on vocabulary or history classes in which you need to memorize names and dates. Once you’ve reviewed them a few times, shuffle them or start quizzing yourself backwards by reading the definition and asking yourself the word. The best part is that they are easy to throw in your Longchamp and study on the go!


More Brains = More Knowledge

In college, some of the best resources we have are each other! Grab a group of friends from your class, and meet in Starbucks or the second floor of Benson and review the material. Working with your peers will not only make studying a little more entertaining, but it may also allow you to pick up other people’s perspectives, or points you missed in class. This fall, debating and discussing over PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes, for those of you who need to spend more time in Starbucks) may be your key to success!


Go to Office Hours, Seriously

Believe it or not, professors list their office hours on their syllabi because they actually want you to use them! Some professors enjoy their students coming in just to chat, while others prefer you use their time asking questions and clarifying points from lectures. Regardless, it can never hurt to pop in and say hello or ask a quick question. You never know, when a professor is grading your exam and is between an A and a B, remembering you made the extra effort to drop in may be enough to steal the higher grade!

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