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Holiday Outfit Guide


Happy Holidays to all you collegiettes! As we prepare ourselves for exam week, we can all agree that the thought of winter break is looming in the back of our minds. Time with family and friends will be much needed after a long semester here at Wake. To get everyone in the holly jolly spirit, we asked three collegiettes to pick out an outfit that reminds them of the holidays!     

Cute and Comfy

This outfit is perfect for any casual get-together. With everyone home, there is bound to be a lot of picture taking. Obviously, you want to be looking your best, but wouldn’t you rather stay in your pajamas?  I know I would. That is what makes this look perfect; it says, “I look like I tried, but I still feel like I’m in my pj’s.” Here, Melissa Picco’s (’16) basic outfit is an oversized cream sweater with leggings and boots. She tops off her outfit with a sparkly scarf and matching blue earrings. Because the sparkles give the look some visual interest, it seems like she put in way more time and effort! Melissa says, “I like to add some bright-colored gloves or a cute vest. Even a bright red hat would be perfect for going to a holiday party and will keep you warm.”  Not a hat person? Swap it out and go for a statement necklace instead. No matter what accessories you choose, this outfit will always keep you cozy throughout the holidays. 


Classy Christmas


Once that cold winter air comes rolling in during the first weeks of December, the best way to keep warm is by layering. It is also an added bonus that layering keeps an outfit interesting and fun! Here, Emily Kalis (’16) embraces her J. Crew inspired winter look, wearing a yellow sweater with a pale blue chambray all under her favorite camel blazer. For accessories, she has on a pearl necklace, a gold and tortoise shell watch with a matching gold bracelet, and a personalized belt. She says, “I’m never afraid to wear bright colors in the winter! Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your whole wardrobe needs to be black or muted colors.” Plus, blazers add just the right amount of sophistication, perfect for if you’re going to a holiday party where you need to look put-together. Adding fun accessories gives your outfit that final touch! If the temperature starts to drop as the night goes on, just throw on a warm scarf. Here, Emily added a navy and forest green plaid scarf. It’s easy to change this look by simply adding your personal touches.     


Fun and Festive

Let’s face it, once we’re back home, all we will want to do is snuggle up in front of the warm fire with a big cup of hot cocoa and watch A Christmas Story on repeat. But if you have a holiday party you just have to go to and are stumped on what to wear, you can never go wrong with a festive sweater! Lauren Holec (’16) explains why she is so excited that it’s finally starting to feel a lot like Christmas, “I love wearing my tacky Christmas sweaters to show off my Christmas spirit whenever I get the chance. It is my favorite time of the year and I love to spread around the cheer however I can, whether it’s by singing carols, baking cookies, frolicking in snow, or wearing tacky sweaters!” Holiday sweaters are a fun and effortless way to spread the Christmas spirit. To find sweaters like Lauren’s, check out your nearest Goodwill or thrift shop.  Stores like those are constantly getting new donations, so no matter when you visit they will always have something new and it’s inexpensive! 

No matter what you wear, embrace that holiday spirit! By the time winter break comes, finals will be over and you will have an entire month to shop, get presents, and spend time with loved ones. So whatever you’re wearing, remember that a smile is the best accessory and you have a lot to be happy about – no work for a month!

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