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Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys in Your Life


The holiday season is the most wonderful time of year but it can also be one of the most stressful. It is the end of the semester for all the collegiettes out there; scrambling to finish papers and trying to manage your time so you don’t fail every final exam you have. On top of all the schoolwork that has to get done, you have to pack up everything you’ll need for the month and clean the dorm room that hasn’t seen a vacuum since your parents moved you in. And oh yea, you have to buy gifts for all your friends and family. So with the 25th of December rapidly approaching, hopefully this guide will help you find the perfect gift for all the important men in your lives. Plus, it will be a productive study break because in the long run it will save you time!


  1. Dads

Fathers are tricky because, in most cases, they are the ones paying for all of your gifts which means anything that they really want they could just buy for themselves. So my advice is to focus on one of their hobbies. For instance if he has a favorite football team, college or professional, get him something anything with their logo and they are bound to love it. The fact alone that Daddy’s little girl is finally doing something with sports will be his Christmas miracle. If sports aren’t his thing and he is more of an outdoorsy guy, go for some fishing gear or accessories for the backyard he has been perfecting for years. Barbeque accessories are always a big hit. The best part about dads is they totally believe in “It’s the thought that counts.” Anything you make or anything heart felt is bound to tug at his heart strings. So with any gift you give make sure to include a card that reminds him of how much you love and appreciate him.

  1. Brothers

Depending on the age, brothers are a piece of cake. For one, if they are anything like my brother they tell you exactly what they want and it is usually a lot cheaper than what you ask them for. But anyway, for pre-teen boys, video games and DVDs are sure to be a success. For high school boys, keeping in mind their interests, sporting equipment or anything with your college’s logo should do it. And if they are 21 or over it’s the easiest because anything pertaining to alcohol (or if you are over 21 too then actual alcohol) will keep them happy all year…but remember it’s Christmas so none of that cheap stuff.

  1. Boyfriends

Boyfriends will most likely be the most difficult gift to choose, especially if you haven’t been dating for that long. I think it is definitely important to discuss a price point before hand, don’t be embarrassed to bring it up! It would be a lot worse if later on he comes in with a diamond necklace and you’re holding a t-shirt with a funny saying that you bought for 20 bucks at a mall kiosk. So armed with a price point keep these ideas in mind: cologne, clothes, sports. Just like the men in your family, your boyfriend will most likely have an interest in one sport or another. Buying tickets to a game that you could go to together is a great gift and a good way to spend a little extra time together. Clothes are easy too, just think of all the times you were with him and couldn’t help but think about if his mom picked out his outfit. Buy him stuff that you like and maybe he will get the picture and start shopping at J.Crew like you have been trying to tell him to do since your first date. Finally, cologne is always a success. First of all its expensive and guys do not like to spend money on things like that when they think that deodorant is enough and you will enjoy the benefits of it when he picks you up after working out at the gym and you smell Tom Ford Noir instead of Axe…

For more inspiration about boyfriend gifts, check out our guide here


  1. Guy Friends

There are so many things you can buy for your guy friends. If you have guy friends like mine, you don’t even have to buy it – just bake it. Cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and anything with sugar should be enough. But if you’re looking to spend a little more money and save some time here are a couple things to buy them. Anything tech-y: go for some cool headphones. Or if you want something more playful, think about your inside jokes, or anything with beer or that can be used to consume beer (bongzilla has been a hit in my hometown for years).

Whoever you are buying for this season just keep their interests and your budget in mind and you are bound to succeed. Good luck!

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