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Her Guy Friend: Finals Attire


You have made it through another year, or your first, at Wake Forest! Only one thing stands before you and posties, the glory week where Wake Forest moves from Winston-Salem to Myrtle Beach. We need to keep our heads up and our eyes open as we take on…yes…FINALS!

I know finals are stressful but let me tell you, wearing running shorts five days in a row is not going to help you stay awake. More importantly, then men on campus do not approve of them. And trust me when I say, we are your biggest fans with your best intentions in mind.

Ladies, guys want to see your ass…sets. Running shorts can show off your legs, but so can yoga pants. If you did not know, guys love yoga pants because we realize how the stretchiness allows you all to think more clearly. Running shorts with built-in underwear only make you feel like you’re a baby wearing a diaper, which hinders your academic mindset.

One of the reasons I came to Wake Forest was because every time that I came to campus, everyone was dressed well and had style. The students of Wake Forest are attractive and we work hard for it. Almost every time I go to class someone is running or going to the gym.

Girls, you have worked hard for your bodies and we want you to appreciate them with us. So when its time for your exam, don’t wear any sweats or running shorts. Take some time and get dressed up! You’ll feel and look great. 

Now you may be thinking, shouldn’t these rules apply to guys too? Yes, but let’s be honest, guys are always going to wear what they want. While this may be annoying, we only do it for you ladies. We want to give you a chance to outshine us, especially duirng finals week. So good luck on finals, ladies, and remember, don’t let your wordrobe slack off. 

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