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Her Campus Wake Forest Post-Spring Break SWAP!

Now that we’ve trekked back to Work Forest from our spring break tropical destinations, we, at Her Campus Wake Forest, deemed it time for another SWAPPED photo shoot to add some color to our boring lives.  This past Saturday four of our staff members worked spring looks… 

On Kelsey (left): Anthropologie top, Urban Outfitters shorts, Monkee’s earrings
On HK (right): Anthropologie top, H&M skirt, Stuart Weitzman wedges, local vendor bracelets

On Kelsey (left): F21 top, Gap camisole, Anthropologie pants & shoes, Madewell necklace
On HK (right): JCrew white pants & necklace, Banana Republic belt, local vendor bracelts

Kelly and Ashley SWAPPED accessories… which outfit do you prefer, collegiettes™?

On Ashley (left): JCrew shirt & skirt, Fossil belt, Justins boots, handmade beads from South Africa
On Kelly (right): Anthropologie shirt, Urban Outfitters shorts, Fossil belt, Justins boots

On Ashley (left): JCrew shirt & skirt, Anthropologie belt, Jack Rogers sandals, handmade beads
On Kelly (right): Anthropologie shirt & belt, Urban Outfitters shorts, Jack Rogers sandals

If you’d like to be part of our SWAPPED shoot, email Kelsey at kelseyg@hercampus.com!

Kelsey Garvey is a junior English major at Wake Forest University. Her upbringing in Connecticut, otherwise known as country club land, inspired her to write in order to escape and locate something more. Writing has also acted as her outlet to dabble in subjects far beyond her my intellectual capacity: art, culture, design, fashion, photography, and music. Other than reading Vogue and Vanity Fair cover-to-cover, Kelsey enjoys frequenting the blogosphere, speaking franglais in daily conversation, and laughing at her own pathetic jokes. Feel free to email her with any questions or comments.
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