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Her Campus Wake Forest Exclusive: SWAPPED!

Two of my favorite every-day-style bloggers, Jessica of What I Wore and Kendi of Kendi Everyday, recently started swapping clothes.  Jessica gave Kendi one of her favorite pieces (and vice versa) and they both made an outfit of their own.  The result?  Each blogger had an entirely different take on how to dress up the piece.

So, keeping this in mind, I enlisted a handful of my Her Campus Wake Forest staff members to swap some clothing and accessories of their own, including Amelia Osowski, one of the writers of StyleWake and grade-A fashionista. 

Oh, by the way — We had such a blast swapping this past weekend that we decided to make “SWAPPED” a bi-monthly feature!  Introducing a Her Campus Wake Forest exclusive, collegiettes™…

Susan Upton and Jessie Ammons swap Calvin Klein leopard heels

Susan Upton and Jessie Ammons swap a boho-looking top

Hannah Kay Hunt and Kelsey Garvey swap an Anthropologie tear-drop necklace

Hannah Kay Hunt and Kelsey Garvey swap a Bevello fur-lined vest

The fashion pros also swapped!  They put us to shame… 

Edgy vs. Feminine
Amelia: This Halston Heritage pleated skirt is one of my favorite recent purchases. It is much more feminine than my usual style, so I decided to contrast the delicateness with a bold tie-dye tank and chunky shoes. The combination of these colors makes the skirt read as more metallic than pale blue, which fits in with the edgier look I was going for. Amanda played up the femininity with a lace shirt and ruffled cardigan, though her visible black bra adds an unexpected twist. While I went for dark colors, Amanda mainly stuck with earthy pastels.

Layering Piece vs. Main Piece
Amanda: I got this burgundy vest at Goodwill for three dollars. The oversized fit makes it perfect to use as a layering piece, and it works especially well under my black cropped leather jacket. What is a slouchy fit for me, translated to an appropriately sized dress for Amelia. She decided to use a waist cinching belt to give the vest some shape, and added a leather skirt and tights underneath. Interestingly enough, we both used a similar color palette but ended up creating two very different looks.

Photo credit (top 4): Carolyn Elliot

Email me at garvke8@wfu.edu if you want to SWAP with a Her Campus Wake Forest staff member and be featured on the site!

Kelsey Garvey is a junior English major at Wake Forest University. Her upbringing in Connecticut, otherwise known as country club land, inspired her to write in order to escape and locate something more. Writing has also acted as her outlet to dabble in subjects far beyond her my intellectual capacity: art, culture, design, fashion, photography, and music. Other than reading Vogue and Vanity Fair cover-to-cover, Kelsey enjoys frequenting the blogosphere, speaking franglais in daily conversation, and laughing at her own pathetic jokes. Feel free to email her with any questions or comments.
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