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Going Out and Getting A’s? Ain’t No Thang but a Chicken Wang


Assignments, finished.  Crappy frat party shoes, check. Hair, done. Makeup, perfect.  Now the night can begin and it is basically going to be the best night of your college life since you feel and look fantastic. Going on 1 a.m. you get back to campus and it’s still early so you clearly decide to hush your post-party Subway craving and stand in the endless line to grab that delectable six-inch – despite the wait, it is worth it.  Finally, you get back to your dorm, recap on the night during real-talk with the roomie, and get into bed. Mind you, the Subway line was too long so it’s already 3 a.m. 

While these late nights are always wonderful, they are in no way practical on a nightly basis.  We Wake girls, however, are constantly tempted to look cute to go out on those notorious Wake Wednesdays…and Funday Mondays…and Thirsty Thursdays…and most obviously the freakin’ weekends.  But then, we are often rudely reminded of the one-hundred page history reading due Thursday or the midterm paper due Tuesday at noon.  Balancing work while maintaining a flawless social life is a tough job.  But c’mon, we are students at Wake Forest University living under the motto of “work hard, play harder.” So all you have to remember is a few simple tips that let you look cute for the frat boys and keep up that 4.0  GPA which got you here in the first place. 

1. For starters, do not ever be that girl.  Everyone has heard about the cliché “that girl” at parties (you know the one who gets injured while wall-twerking). Well, she does exist and can take anyone as culprit.  One of the many reasons to avoid being that girl is that you will want to sleep all the next day, and even though sleep is basically super-woman, it will not finish that paper due Tuesday for you.

2. Another tip is to avoid going out each night of the week, especially nights before your 8 a.m. or next-day exam.  It is okay to take a night off and stay in with a few close friends.  Remember, you don’t always have to be the queen of the party.  Instead order tons of Chinese food from time to time, relax in your leggings, and catch up on the latest episode of Girls.

3. Finally, stabilize your study methods.  Understand what works for you in order to complete assignments on time, whether it be study groups, camping out in the library, or visiting professors during office hours.  Maybe keep a planner, tracking assignments as well as night-time events in order to stay organized.  And especially ensure that you are healthy, energized, and stress-free so that you can hand in all your well-done work on time. 

So ladies, though mastering the balancing act is hard, it will be oh so worth it in the end when you can ace the test and still get to wear those crappy frat party shoes. 

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