Go on a Date with Modern Love: A Review of Amazon Prime’s Latest Creations

Creatively adapted from a column in the New York Times under the same title of Modern Love, eight short stories sharing different messages of love were turned into a mini-series that can be found on Amazon Prime. Each distinct and separate from one another, these episodes delve into the many types of love that exist in the world; finding the right love, reconciled love, accepting love, rallying love, spontaneous love, fulfilling a lost love, learning and understanding love, and timeless love.

An amalgamation of different types of love that the people of New York City have shared in short stories turned into quick 30 minute episodes; easy to watch when you need a quick break from schoolwork, but don’t want to commit yourself. Having watched the series before reading the narrative, I found that despite the restraint of time, the characters fully developed phenomenally. The cast features both Hollywood fame (Anne Hathaway, my girl crush, stars in the third episode) and fresh faces. Each character took on the role and put the effort into making an impactful impression on the audience.

However, the brief amount of time also causes for the emotional impact of these individually true, though dramatized for the screen, stories to be quite immense. So much happens within just one episode.

Each story is unique and sometimes so unbelievable that you have to remind yourself that these are in fact true stories written by the people who’ve experienced them. If you decide to watch the season, which I strongly recommend you do, and find that you still want more, there are a million more stories just as unique and impactful as the ones portrayed on screen. Plus, the reception of Modern Love was so well received, a second season is already in the works.

I don’t think it would be right, or romantic, of me to give away any spoilers, but as love often alters our perception of the world, I must tell you that in the last episode, each stories finds itself connected to the rest in a way that is comforting to the soul and in a way that fulfills every expectation.