Gio Continanza on the Process of Rebranding

You might have seen him around DJ'ing in parties and even opening for the Cash Cash concert here at Wake. Now, Gio Continanza is embarking on a new journey with his DJ'ing career by rebranding into “SPLVSH."

(HerCampus): What was your name before rebranding? 

(Gio Continanza): Gio. 

(HC): What was your decision behind choosing to rebrand? 

(GC): SPLVSH is much more brandable than my nickname Gio. 70 percent of music nowadays is about branding, so I saw this as a necessary step in my music career.

(HC): How long did the process to rebrand take? Is it still under progress? 

(GC): It’s still under progress. It’s almost like starting over. New logo, new music, new gigs, new pictures, new everything! 

(HC): Why “SPLVSH”? 

(GC): First, water is the essence of life. 

Second, SPLVSH gets to have the “Splash Zone” during his sets. 

Third, someone who hasn’t heard of SPLVSH can associate him with excitement, joy and happiness because that’s what comes with every splash. 

(HC): Are there any other additional comments you would like to make? Any social media plugs? 

(GC): All supporters of SPLVSH are family, we’re all very nice and friendly. Come meet us here: