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Get Road Trip Ready for Spring Break

So you’re going down to sunny Florida for spring break? If you and your friends are driving more than a few hours, you might get a little antsy. Here are our best tips for road tripping!

Make a playlist

Music is essential. Especially if you’re going through the mountains, having either an auxiliary cord or an FM transmitter can be wonderful. When you’re making a playlist, go for a mix of genres on it so you don’t get bored. Definitely take into account the different music tastes of the people that will be in the car. Consider downloading an audiobook onto your phone to make a long car ride more interesting!

Have a charger

This is super important! You can buy a little charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter (usually by the gearshift) and has a USB port for about five dollars. Just have the charging cord easy to access and you’ll be able to use your phone for music all day long!

Be smart about snacking

I definitely advise having snacks with you! Just make sure that you have a good blend – go for pretzels and candy or fruit and pita chips. If you only have one thing – like only skittles – you’re going to get tired of it really quickly! Also, it is important to stay hydrated! Make sure you have a big bottle of water with you and refill it when you stop.

Have a general idea of where you’re going

By this, we mean type in your destination on Google Maps and know what big highways you will be taking. Obviously use your phone or GPS for directions, but having a general idea of what direction you’re headed in can be useful.

Be aware of your level of attentiveness

If you are starting to feel tired, make sure you let someone else drive! If you’re the only one you trust to drive your car, try to stop every two to three hours to stretch your legs and rest your eyes for a few minutes. Designate one of your friends as the person that has to stay awake and talk to you. Most of all, pay attention to your surroundings! Don’t stop at a super sketchy gas station really late at night, or let your gas tank get below a quarter full. 

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